Instructions for Oral Presentation

Participants should prepare their oral presentation according to the following instructions:

  • All oral presentations must be delivred in English and have a landscape layout (16:9 widescreen  format preferred).
  • If you wish, you can use the TERCLIM oral template which may be downloaded as a Powerpoint file at the following link.
  • All presentations will be pre-uploaded on a PC laptop from the organization. You cannot use your own computer.
  • Please send your slides by e-mail to at the latest the day before your oral presentation. In the worst case, provide your slides on a USB device to the on-site technical staff at least 1 hour before your session begins, or the day before if presenting in the first morning session.
  • If you have inserted videos into your PowerPoint presentation, please make sure you confirm all settings with a technician prior to your session.
  • Full oral speakers will have 12 minutes for their presentation (12 slides maximum) + 3 minutes for audience Q&A.
  • Flash oral speakers will have 3 minutes for their presentation (4 slides maximum) + time for 1 audience Q&A.
  • Time limits will be strictly enforced, and speakers should prepare their presentations accordingly. Speakers are encouraged to stay to the end of their session to participate in the discussion.